Pharmacia is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary medical journal devoted to pharmaceutical and allied sciences. Topics covered are: analytics, biochemistry, biopharmaceutics, biotechnology, cell cultures, clinical pharmacy, drug delivery, drug design, drug disposition, drug stability, medicinal chemistry, metabolism, molecular modelling, basic and clinical pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, social pharmacy, radiopharmaceuticals, toxicology.

The journal is published by the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Science Society since 1954. Since 2019, it is published in a collaboration with the ARPHA platform of Pensoft Publishers. The journal archive is available online since 2007.

Journal Impact Factor: 1.1
Scopus CiteScore 2022: 2.4
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Pharmaceutical Science
Pharmacology (medical)
CiteScoreTracker 2023: 2.2 (updated monthly)
SNIP: 0.538
Publication types: Research Papers, Preliminary Communications, Short Communications, Review Articles, Announcements, Reports of Conferences, Biographies, Book Reviews
Archived: CLOCKSS, Zenodo, Portico
ISSN 2603-557X (online) | ISSN 0428-0296 (print)
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