a) Flow cytometric dot blot samples of 4T1 cells apoptosis after treatment with drugs as a single and combination for 48 h. A) control, B) EVE, C) 5FU, D) LiCl, E) EVE-5FU, F) EVE-LiCl, G) 5FU-LiCl H) EVE-5FU-LiCl for 48 h (Q1 necrosis, Q2 late apoptosis, Q3 early apoptosis, Q4 viable cells). b) Comparison of apoptotic, necrotic and alive cell percentage in different treatment groups individually and in combination. A significantly higher apoptosis rate was observed in 4T1 cells treated with 5FU-LiCl rather than cells treated with EVE-5FU. Data are expressed as mean ± SD from 3 independent repetitions. **p-value < 0.01.

  Part of: Altememy D, Arvejeh PM, Chermahini FA, Alizadeh A, Mazarei M, Khosravian P (2022) A comparative study of combination treatments in metastatic 4t1 cells: everolimus and 5- fluorouracil versus lithium chloride and 5-fluorouracil. Pharmacia 69(3): 755-764. https://doi.org/10.3897/pharmacia.69.e85358